Volunteer Board of Directors

In a nonprofit with paid staff, an important role of the Board is its governance function: to hold staff accountable to the community purpose. The Board ensures that the organization complies with tax and legal requirements and uses funds efficiently towards the organization's priorities. In their supporting role, board members often assist staff in the work of the organization. The purpose of our volunteer Board of Directors is to ensure the fulfillment of Goodwill’s mission: “Persons with barriers to independence will achieve their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community”.

The beneficiaries of Goodwill Keystone Area successfully achieving its mission are:

  1. Persons with barriers to independence
  2. Employers in our community
  3. The community at large

  • Richard W. Conley - Chair
  • Craig Schwartz - Vice Chair


  • J. Michael Curci (Fulton Bank)
  • Ann Doerries
  • Pam Formica (Masonic Villages)


  • Schaun Henry (McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC)
  • Kenneth A. Norman (Fulton Private Bank)
  • Edward Lada, Jr., Goodwill Keystone Area President & CEO

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Brenda Kauffman

Name: Brenda Kauffman

Business Affiliation: Retired Special Educator for Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

Education: B.S. - University of Delaware, M. ED - University of Washington, Educational Administrator Certification - Millersville University

First Job and life-long take-away:My first jobs were short term summer jobs doing clerical work. My take away was that I did not have the skill sets for clerical work and so it was not a great long term career match for me. Through having a variety of summer jobs in clerical as well as food service, tourism and recreation, I learned that to be successful you needed to have the right skills AND you needed those soft skills - You needed to be accountable, reliable, honest, a good team player, a problem solver, polite, appropriate in terms of social skills and competent.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: I have volunteered for Goodwill for over 20 years. Most of my work with Goodwill has been in relation to supports and services provided to young people with disabilities or barriers to work. In my encounters on both personal and professional levels, I have always been impressed by Goodwill's mission, vision and values as they relate to helping people. I am proud to serve on Goodwill Keystone Area's Board of Directors.

Name: Barry Landis
Craig Schwartz

Name: Craig Schwartz

Business Affiliation: Vice President M & T Bank Commercial Real Estate

Education: B.S. Accounting, Pennsylvania State University

First Job and life-long take-away: My first job was in a meat packing plant before college. Long cold hours in the plant gave me an appreciation of the work “behind the scenes” that make our lives more comfortable.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: What better organization to be a volunteer for than one that assists individuals to overcome personal barriers, gain self-esteem and become a participating member of the workforce and community.

Schaun D. Henry

Name: Schaun D. Henry

Business Affiliation: Member, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

Education:West Chester University, B.A., Dickinson School of Law, J.D.

Business Affiliation: President at Ursource, LLC

Education:West Chester University of Pennsylvania BS, Accounting

2007 Goodwill Industries Leadership Award
Theodore M. Niemczyk, Jr.

Name: Theodore M. Niemczyk, Jr.

Business Affiliation: President, Niemczyk Creative Media, LLC

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Communication Design, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

First Job and life-long take-away: Golf Caddy. I was fortunate to meet people of all walks of life. There were my fellow Country Club caddies to the Country Club members. I learned that all of these men simply wanted to be respected for who they were.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: Love the work Goodwill does. Their services help provide productive lives to people with disabilities.

Jane Pinkerton

Name: Jane Pinkerton

Dennis J. McGee, Jr.

Name: Dennis J. McGee, Jr.

Business Affiliation: Vice President Wealth Management USI Affinity

Education: B.S. St. Joseph’s University, ChFC The American College

First Job and life-long take-away: Busboy at the General Wayne Inn. I learned to work hard and convey my positive attitude to others.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: As the father of a disabled child, who will need help getting ahead in life, it is important to me that Goodwill is able to offer the critical job training and placement. I take great pride in being part of the Goodwill “Family” and helping to perpetuate the mission.

Harris Booker

Name: Harris Booker

Business Affiliation: Attorney

Education: JD from Duke University
MA from West Chester University
BS from Pennsylvania State University

First Job and life-long take-away: Leaving aside the typical run of part time gigs of teenagers and students my first real adult job was teaching mathematics to middle school students. My take away from that experience was that it takes a talented, energetic and commanding individual with a great sense of humor and love of young people to effectively teach algebra to 13 year olds and, sadly, that person was not me.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: I volunteer in general because I am thankful for the good fortune I have been granted when many others, through no personal fault, have not been so fortunate. I am particularly interested in Goodwill because of its focus not just on helping those who need help in overcoming some adversity but on doing so by focusing on independence, the dignity of work, and self help.

Robert Blickley

Name: Robert Blickley

Business Affiliation: Principal/Business Development/Project Management, BL Companies

Education: Penn State University Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

James Lowe

Name: James Lowe

Business Affiliation: Fulton Financial Corporation / Treasury Management

Education: Penn State University, MBA; Bucknell University, BSBA

First Job and life-long take-away: Fulton Bank – Management Trainee. Life-long take-away: In the business world, everyone thinks the customer comes first. But in reality, people come first. I learned early in my career that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the customer, and so you can’t have one without the other.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: A community is only as strong as its people. Goodwill is an opportunity for me to provide leadership and give back what I have been provided through my many years of living, working and serving in the Lancaster Community.

Richard W. Conley

Name: Richard W. Conley

Business Affiliation: Primary Staffing Services, Inc.

Education: B.S. University of Connecticut

First Job and life-long take-away: Auto body shop – go to college!

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: To give back to those with disabilities.

Timothy P. Hanlon

Name: Timothy P. Hanlon

Business Affiliation: Chief Financial Officer Smith Land & Improvement Corp. & LB Smith Ford Lincoln Corp.

Education: B.S. Pennsylvania State University, MBA York College, CPA Certificate

First Job and life-long take-away: I was once an auditor for ML. and worked on the Harrisburg Goodwill audit.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: I was impressed with the mission and management of the organization.

James Perano

Name: James Perano

Business Affiliation: Chief Operating Officer, GPS Management Co.

Education: B.S. St. Joseph’s University

First Job and life-long take-away: Cleaning garbage trucks. Regardless of the job/task, arrive early and work hard.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: I volunteer at Goodwill to support the mission; helping people overcome disabilities and other barriers to independence, and achieve their fullest potential, in work and in the community.

Chuck Wingate

Name: Chuck Wingate

Business Affiliation: Bethesda Mission, Executive Director

Education: Duke University, A.B.

First Job and life-long take-away: Sales Trainee, AMP Inc. (now TE Connectivity), driving a big truck around the U.S.A. demonstrating application tooling. We live in a big country with many wonderful people and places, it is good to remember that on a rainy day.

Why I volunteer for Goodwill: Goodwill affords opportunity for meaningful paid work to people who have significant challenges in life. These folks are often forgotten by society, but Goodwill sees to it that their dignity is respected and their lives are better.

Greg Conley

Greg Conley