Path to Employment - Meet Josh & Stephanie

Path to Employment

Path to Employment (PtE) is a new program run by Goodwill Keystone Area in Lancaster County that prepares individuals with barriers to independence for competitive employment in the community. It combines real-world work experience through an internship, as well as classroom instruction in soft skills such as team building, workplace safety, financial literacy, self-advocacy, and preparing for and maintaining employment.


Josh is the first PtE intern and graduate. Before he enrolled in the program, he did some warehouse work through Ephrata Area Rehab Services (EARS), some assembly work through Lighthouse Vocational Services, and some custodial work at Chick-Fil-A. Josh’s interest in a possible career with the US Postal Service led him to a program internship in the mail room at the Lancaster County Government Center, where he learned about the postal service and how to sort and meter mail and run the postage machine.

In his spare time, Josh plays board games with his family and enjoys playing guitar, acting, dancing, and singing. He is a people person and likes jokes, and his infectious sense of humor made him so popular with the deputies securing the Government Center entrance that they made him an honorary deputy, badge and all.

Supervisor Mike and trainer/mentor Jess commented on how Josh’s confidence and communication skills improved noticeably over the course of his internship, and with the skills he learned in the PtE classroom and the experience he gained in the mail room, Josh is now prepared to find competitive employment in the community.


Stephanie is the second PtE intern, and enrolled in the program with some previous work experience through EARS. She is currently an intern at the Lancaster County Office of Aging (with her own mailbox and spot on the in/out board), and has been a great help to the 80-employee agency by taking on clerical and other types of projects, like successfully organizing and cataloging the office’s box of mystery keys.

Outside of work, Stephanie volunteers at a nursing home one day a week. Her warm, genuine smile and eagerness to help and learn have endeared her to her co-workers.

Stephanie’s supervisor, Monique, has been happy to see her shine in her job and will be sad to see her go once the internship ends. Stephanie will be graduating from PtE at the end of May.