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Goodwill Treasures Raises More Than $85,000

Amazing treasures like antiques, collectibles and jewelry are donated to Goodwill throughout the year. Every fall community members are invited to attend our Goodwill Treasures event to enjoy a relaxing dinner and discover a few auction treasures of their own.  

The evening includes appetizers, dinner and dessert along with an open bar. The funds raised benefit people in your community. Thanks to the generosity of supporters and sponsors, we are able to help people overcome barriers, learn job skills, and gain hope, dignity and independence.

Goodwill Treasures 2019 event raised more than $85,000.

Thank you to all our sponsors and attendees, please check back for next year's date and venue. 

Proceeds Benefit Goodwill's Mission

Goodwill, a non-profit organization serving people in 22 counties, supports persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

If you have questions about this event, please contact:
Ben Cassel 

Goodwill Legacy Honorees Barbara and Frank Pinto

We are pleased to honor Barbara and Frank Pinto for their enduring support of Goodwill Keystone Area and the greater Harrisburg community.

For more than a decade, Barbara and Frank have graciously hosted the Goodwill Treasures event at their lovely event venue, the Peter Allen House. As a longtime member and leader of the Goodwill Treasures Committee, Frank has consistently brought great energy and ideas to help us make this signature event an extraordinary evening for guests and a successful fundraiser to support Goodwill’s mission. Frank has also been a leading contributor as a member of the Goodwill Keystone Area Foundation Board of Directors.

While many events like Goodwill Treasures have been hosted at the Peter Allen House, the sprawling historic estate is best known as a highly sought after venue for weddings. Along with the setting, it is Barbara and Frank’s warm and familiar personalities that have attracted hundreds of couples over the years and why so many come back for anniversaries, baby showers or to show their kids this special place that means so much to them.

For those who know Barbara and Frank, giving back to the community they love is very important to them. As just one of many examples, the Pintos offer their brides the chance to donate remaining flowers so small bouquets can be made for patients served by Hospice of Central Pennsylvania. The couple also makes similar food contributions to local missions and shelters after weddings.

We look forward to celebrating this treasured couple as the 2019 Goodwill Legacy Honorees.

2019 Goodwill Treasures Mission Honoree Charles Glunz

Charles is a Photo License Technician at PennDOT’s facility in Harrisburg, taking pictures of customers for their IDs and processing the associated paperwork, all with a smile. He has been doing it for 22 years, and has yet to call off or be late to work.

Because of his job, Charles has learned to be more patient, considerate and responsible. He has learned the importance of teamwork, and does his best to help and encourage his co-workers. Charles enjoys interacting with his customers and strives every day to make sure that they are satisfied and had an enjoyable experience. “Patience, good communication skills and a smile are keys to a satisfied customer,” says Charles.

Outside of work, Charles enjoys staying active by doing things like swimming, basketball and football with his family, including six nieces and nephews. He also likes keeping up with current events by reading the newspaper, and is the grill master of the family during the summer.

Charles was recently one of nearly 30 individuals who earned the UniqueSource Achievement Award. The award recognizes outstanding workers around the state who demonstrate exceptional character in living and coping with disabilities, particularly in the workplace.

UniqueSource Products & Services is an agency that partners with GKA and other organizations in Pennsylvania to identify, market and deliver products and services that create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Currently, GKA employees serve as greeters and photo ID technicians at various photo ID sites as well as provide custodial services to a number of state facilities.

“All of the Pennsylvanians employed by our members are motivated to work by the same elements of life as everyone in society,” UniqueSource’s Executive Vice President of Operations Lisa Biggica said. “We go to work to obtain greater financial stability, self-worth, achieve a higher degree of independence and make a difference in our communities.”

Thank You Goodwill Treasures Committee Members

Diane Witcoski (Co-Chair)
Frank A. Pinto (Co-Chair)
Marion C. Alexander
Rose Anderson
Vickie Broughton
Joy Weaver
Barry Landis
Suzanne Landis
Linda Matter
Ann Moffitt
Otto Monroy