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Goodwill and Lancaster Barnstormers Team Up in 2023

In a partnership geared toward increasing awareness and support, Goodwill Keystone Area and the Lancaster Barnstormers have teamed up for the 2023 season.

The Barnstormers will provide Goodwill with a season-long presence in and around the stadium, including an Atlantic League first. All jerseys worn by the club this season, home and away, will feature the Goodwill logo on the right sleeve.

In addition, Goodwill will receive $1 for every ticket sold in a specially designated section of seats throughout the Barnstormers home schedule. On Friday, May 19, fans are encouraged to bring their gently used items for a donation collection night. There will be other donation collection nights throughout the season.

Donations are the lifeblood of Goodwill’s operations, and sections throughout the stadium will be used to recognize the impact Goodwill has on recycling donations into training, paychecks, careers and opportunities for people to thrive and flourish.

Goodwill, known for its drop-off locations and thrift stores, provides far more for those they serve in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Goodwill alone employs more than 1,400 people. Another 2,700 have received job training and support, and the organization has partnered with nearly 150 businesses and organizations to help people transition into jobs. Goodwill program participants earned over $2.7 million during the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Lives have been changed through these efforts with the goal of advancing sustainability and creating generational wealth. Program participants include people who have been negotiating life through a variety of disabilities or other barriers to employment.

Over two-thirds of those Goodwill has helped transition into jobs remain in that position one year later.

There is an environmental benefit to the planet as well with the conservation of resources that comes through the reuse of items. Nearly half a billion gallons of water are saved, and 42 million pounds of material have been recirculated instead of finding their way to local landfills.

"We are thrilled to be the exclusive uniform sponsor of the Lancaster Barnstormers and support their commitment of providing affordable family entertainment to the community” Goodwill Keystone Area President and CEO Ed Lada said. “As the first-ever Goodwill to partner with a minor-league baseball club in this fashion, the partnership provides us with a highly visible platform to showcase our mission and engage with the local community."

“To be the first Atlantic League team to have a season-long jersey sponsor is very exciting,” said Barnstormers General Manager Mike Reynolds. “We are very thankful to Goodwill for their partnership and belief in the Lancaster Barnstormers to be a Uniform Presenting sponsor. Goodwill Keystone and the Barnstormers are two great community organizations, and it feels only right that we partner on this creative and unique partnership.”