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Community Skills

Community Skills

Community Skills is a pre-vocational, day program that enhances overall quality of life. Emphasis is placed on developing vocational and daily living skills while increasing and maintaining independence. Training activities are based on each individual’s abilities, personal choice and interests. Community Skills provides opportunities for growth in multiple areas of the individual’s life, while affording family members needed respite.

  • Independent Living: Staff encourages skill development and independence while meeting individual basic needs. Support is given in areas such as mobility, meal time and personal care. Curriculum offered also promotes development in daily living skills such as cooking, nutrition, budgeting and housekeeping.
  • Academics: Individual tutoring and classroom “style” provide opportunities for growth in the areas of functional reading, writing and math.
  • Pre-Vocational: Training is designed for the transitioning high school student or adult who needs additional skill development prior to employment. This includes both basic job skills like learning how to package items and “soft skills” such as responding to supervision and being on time.
  • Volunteer Work: Participants have the opportunity to volunteer for different area businesses and other nonprofits. This provides needed pre-vocational experience and gives participants an opportunity to assist others and to give to their community.
  • Recreation: We provide leisure opportunities on campus and in the community such as bowling, crafts and visits to local museums and parks. It promotes the fun side of life and socialization.
  • Socialization: Social connections are a vital component of life’s experience. All activities encourage interaction with peers as well as others in the community. Emphasis is on developing social skills and building relationships in both the vocational and social/recreational contexts.

Currently, we offer this service primarily to individuals in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebarnon and Perry counties.

To find out more about admission, please contact:

Bonnie Mock • 717.232.1831 • 1150 Goodwill Drive • Harrisburg, PA 17101
Rita Yorty • 717.362.3346 • 182 Engle Road • Elizabethville, PA 17023

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