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Youth Services

Youth Services

These programs provide students with the chance to learn new skills and work behaviors and understand the demands of a job before graduating from high school.

Participants are exposed to real work in their local communities in occupations that suit their interests and skill levels. These programs allow students to gain valuable work experience and create a map of career plans upon graduation from high school.

Partners Working Together

These program partner with School Districts, Intermediate Units, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, and other employers. We match students’ interests and abilities with jobs in their communities.

Students with a post-graduation goal of employment may continue to receive services from Goodwill in order to secure employment. Services may include:

  • Job matching and placement assistance
  • Resume development and job application
  • Developing interviewing skills
  • Job coaching and follow-up support
  • Referral assistance for further education and job training

Goodwill provides one-on-one support to students and employers to ensure a successful job match.


School 2 Work

Plan Development with Schools: Goodwill will participate with students, their parents/guardians and educators in the development of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) by providing key information in achieving the ultimate goal of employment.

Plan Development with Students: We work with students 14 to 21 years old in developing realistic career goals. In their last two years of high school, we connect them with local businesses and adult community resources.

Matching Students and Employers: To maximize a successful job match, students may participate in community job exploration, such as paid work assessments and job shadowing.

Goodwill Working with You

Parents/guardians and teachers may request Goodwill to attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings to assist in preparation for employment or the development of an employment plan upon graduation.

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Corey Nelson