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Work Crews

Work Crews

We can save your business time and money.

  • Does your organization need to save money?
  • Do you ever spend time training an employee... only to have them quit a month later?
  • How much time does your Human Resources department spend explaining, offering and finalizing benefits for an employee?
  • How often do schedules need to be altered to accommodate the “no show” or “frequently absent” employee?

What if...

One solution could eliminate these problems, reduce company costs and improve customer service?

Goodwill Keystone Area has the solution for you.

Other companies have used our specialized work crews for years and have experienced great success. Now, we are able and excited to offer these services to you. Our Goodwill work crews are customized by you, while trained and supervised by us! You tell us what you need, and we fit the bill!

  • We provide the work crew along with a Goodwill off-site Training Specialist.
  • The Training Specialist will meet with your manager to determine the tasks.
  • Then, we will assign the appropriate work crew to your place of business. The Training Specialist works with the crew to ensure all tasks are completed to meet your standards.

The Benefits

No need for your HR Department to perform the usual ‘orientation’ tasks because we manage our teams. We take care of the HR side like W2’s and payroll. You also have the option to hire our best workers and trainees.

Our work crews are motivated, dependable, and appreciate the opportunity to work!

For more information, please contact:

Phil Metzler