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Goodwill Cartridge Service Receives Federal Certification

General Services Administration (GSA) offers a one-stop online resource for thousands of Federal employees worldwide. GSA Advantage offers the most comprehensive selection of approved products and services from GSA contracts. Congratulations to Goodwill Cartridge Service for making this list. Federal Government buyers can now purchase cartridges from Goodwill Cartridge Service on the GSA Web site. Go to and enter contract number GS-02F-0051W. Goodwill Cartridge Service went through a long and detailed process to achieve this opportunity.

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Cartridge Service


Why use Goodwill Cartridge Service?

Cartridge Service

Goodwill Cartridge Service is a business service of Goodwill. We collect empty laser cartridges to remanufacture. Each cartridge is remanufactured one at a time by trained, experienced technicians and tested for print quality before it leaves our facility. All of our cartridges are 100% guaranteed.

    Save Money

  • No shipping charges within Pennsylvania!

    GO GREEN - Recycle!

  • Keep your cartridges out of landfills.
  • We can remanufacture a cartridge up to 7 times!

    Create Jobs

  • Support Your Local Economy

What remanufactured cartridges do we offer?

    Goodwill Cartridge Service offers a selection of black, cyan, magenta and yellow high-quality, remanufactured toner cartridges. Click here to see our full list.

What is the quality of the cartridges?

    All toner cartridges from Goodwill Cartridge Service are:

  • Remanufactured - all worn parts are replaced
  • Performance tested
  • Lifetime warranty and free return

What can I do with my empty laser cartridges?

Donate your empty laser cartridges to us and receive a tax deduction! You already donate your clothes and household items to Goodwill, so why not donate your empty cartridges? Goodwill Cartridge Service collects empty laser cartridges to remanufacture. Goodwill will track your donations and send you a yearly donation report at the end of the year.

Through a partnership, the Pennsylvania State Government purchases and uses re-manufactured cartridges from Goodwill Cartridge Services.


Goodwill cartridges are STMC Certified. STMC stands for the Standardized Test Methods Committee. This global committee was formed to find and promote the best-standardized test methods for the printer cartridge industry. STMC Certification documents that cartridges are remanufactured to specifications equal
to or exceeding original equipment manufacturers standard of quality.

A company certified by STMC is one that has all employees successfully trained by an authorized trainer in these test methods.

Goodwill Cartridge Service is owned & operated by Goodwill, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving persons with barriers to independence who will achieve their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.