Celebrating 20 years at Special Equestrians Chris earns Excellence Award

Chris with gifts and balloons On December 5th Goodwill Keystone Area celebrated the momentous 20 year milestone of a career that began in December 1997. Chris Goodbred’s personal career path was guided by his love of horses decades ago when he began riding both for therapy and recreation. A notable support in Chris’ long term success has been Jennifer Radick, Goodwill Employment Services Manager, who coordinated Chris’ initial job placement at Special Equestrians. 

Over the years, Jennifer has managed programs in Bucks and surrounding counties and in her current role began to work with Chris again as she was training new staff to support Chris. Together Chris and Jennifer have overcome workplace obstacles through perseverance and innovative accommodations. When Chris’ balance issues caused him to fall while cleaning stalls, wooden pallets were used to make a path and shingles were added to provide walking traction. 

As the Special Equestrians barn invested in facilities upgrades, some of Chris’ memory aids also modernized. 

Chris cutting his cake

In the past, Chris moved a simple hanger to the next stall as a reminder of where he left off cleaning. The barn then installed signs which Chris could slide that read, “Needs Work” and “Done.” Chris has progressed and no longer needs the stall signs so they have been removed. Another improved memory aid has been moving laminated task pictures from a box to a magnetic dry erase board. The barn manager clips the tasks in priority order then Chris removes each task when he completes it. This was a simple, yet very effective way that Special Equestrians continues to support and accommodate Chris. Most importantly, Chris has proven his ability and value to his employer such that his salary is fully budgeted whereas his wages were once paid through grant funding available to the nonprofit Special Equestrians. 

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