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Typically, I usually blog about the chic and stylish finds I purchase at local Goodwill Keystone Area stores, but there is also another side to Goodwill – the fun and funky side where people go to get Halloween outfits and ugly Christmas sweaters.

A few weeks ago a couple’s social media post about “Goodwill Date Night” went viral. The couple allowed themselves $10 each to shop for the other person at Goodwill and then they had to wear the chosen outfit (no matter how outlandish!) in public. They also picked fake names and personas to go along with the crazy, creative outfits.

My friends starting sharing this idea with me, so I had to find some willing participants and try it and I knew just who to ask – my friend, and fellow thrifter, Richard and his girlfriend, Cindy. They were immediately onboard and we set a date for the big Goodwill Date!Blog1

We met at the Shillington Goodwill store, set a budget of about $15 each they were off! I was there to mostly observe and photograph the big event. I may have intervened a bit, but each outfit was a uniquely, original creation. At one point Rich didn’t want to leave the dressing room, but we got him out and the rest is history!

For Rich, Cindy really wanted suspenders and she found a festive Christmas pair (which were featured as part of the Christmas in July sale). She also chose a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt. But, the pièce de résistance was the wild chef pants. They were completely covered in more types of colorful vegetables than we could count!Blog4

Rich picked out a totally gnarly 80s look for Cindy. Blog5From the neon, leopard print maxi skirt to the bejeweled, cut-out tank top to the glam gold bag… Cindy looked like she stepped out of an 80s music video. Except for the shoes… they were Croc-wannabes with their completely underwhelming plastic design and pale lavender color.Blog2

So, the Chef and the 80s babe went out to a bar. Blog6Just walking in, we noticed some passersby looking in disbelief. Rich was a little self-conscious of the crazy chef pants, but our waitress commented on his clothing choices before we let her in on the joke. There were a lot of laughs and fun throughout the whole evening.Blog3

While I usually go for the designer pieces and fashionable accessories, playing along with a Goodwill Date Night Challenge (or why not grab your friends too?) is an inexpensive way to have a unique night out. If you try it, don’t forget to tag your Goodwill Date Night with #goodwilldatenight!

I think Cindy and Rich will look back on this and remember the laughs, but it will be hard to forget those chef pants!

To see the original post, click here. Please note, this is a fun challenge for friends and is not a legitimate contest of any kind.

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