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Goodwill now shreds!

This little spurt of warm weather has pushed me into spring cleaning mode, well just a little bit. Since it is tax time, I’ve been getting all my receipts together and have noticed that I have bags and bags filled with credit card statements, old utility bills, and junk mail that have sensitive information printed on them. These bags have been waiting around for me and my tiny at-home shredder. Needless to say I never shredded anything. And I really don’t have too anymore. At participating Goodwill Stores, I can take my bag of papers and pay only $6 for each bag of papers I have. I simply place the papers in the shred bin at my local store and I’m done! Who shreds my documents? And how safe is this?

The answer is Goodwill Shredding Service, a business service of Goodwill Keystone Area. They are NAID certified and are a member of the Secure Document Alliance. All of my materials will be kept safe and securely destroyed.

Click here for more information and a list of participating stores.